How To Action Dictations Returned From Lexacom Scribe

Dictations sent to Lexacom Scribe by an Administrator or Type user will be returned to the typing pool they were originally sent from, to be reviewed and dispatched as per your organisation’s processes.

However, when a Talk User makes a dictation they can request it is returned to them before it can be dispatched. If this has been selected by the Talk user, the returned Lexacom Scribe dictation will be sent to the Talk User’s Review section in Lexacom for them to action.

If you are trying to find a dictation sent to the Lexacom Scribe service, it can be located using Tracking in Lexacom Administrator

Dictations Returned to the Typing Pool by Lexacom Scribe

If the system has been set to return the transcription to a specific user or typing pool, Lexacom Scribe will return the completed dictation to this location –

  • The dictation is returned to the Typing Pool from Lexacom Scribe with the status “Returned for Review”
  • The Type User loads the dictation from the Typing Pool
  • When the dictation is opened, the transcribed document will open automatically ready for review and can now be processed or dispatched accordingly

To quickly access a document returned by Lexacom Scribe, find the dictation in the typing pool click on the Document icon:

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