Stamford Hill Group Practice Chooses Lexacom Digital Dictation

London-based GP surgery, the Stamford Hill Group Practice has selected Lexacom Digital Dictation in a move to improve efficiency, reduce costs and minimise paper. With 10 clinicians and three secretaries now using the digital system, work is already being processed more quickly.

Office Development Manager, Chloe Davies, explained why the practice was keen to switch to Lexacom.

“Our tape based system felt archaic and is was becoming increasingly costly to replace tapes or recorders when they broke down. We looked at a number of digital dictation systems and in our view, Lexacom’s system was the best. We were particularly impressed by the quality of service and support provided by Lexacom’s sales manager which made the buying and installation process easier.”

Since moving to Lexacom Digital Dictation, doctors at Stamford Hill have begun recording dictations in between patient consultations as it is so quick and easy to do, meaning there is now a steady flow of work to the secretarial team. The sound quality of the dictations is far better, enabling the secretaries to understand and transcribe the information easily and accurately.

“One of the key benefits is that we can now easily identify urgent referrals and process them immediately, which directly benefits our patients” Chloe added.

Lexacom’s digital dictation and workflow software enables immediate and accurate dictation and transcription, improving practice efficiency and patient care. The software allows doctors to record and mark the urgency of dictations easily, while secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine.

Lexacom’s latest software, Lexacom 3, has been designed to make doctors’ lives even easier by offering improved integration with clinical systems, reporting functions which enable referrals to be tracked and audited, and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere – even while on home visits.

Lexacom 3 also offers secure, cloud-based multi-site information sharing, support for thin client solutions and alternative transcription options.