End of FY savings for PCNs and CCGs

Savings for PCNs and CCGs.

Approaching the end of the financial year, it is often the case that Lexacom receives an increase in enquiries from Primary Care Network Managers, key CCG managers, and other IT leads throughout Primary Care regarding our speech recognition and digital dictation solutions.

As this is an established purchasing pattern, Lexacom is able to offer significant volume discounts, at this time, and has the resources to rapidly mobilise projects and delivery.

Lexacom can provide a broad range of references, testimonials, and examples of successful implementations within Primary Care across the entire portfolio of solutions.

If available funding is anticipated and there is a desire to give clinical teams leading-edge time-saving technology, then get in touch to find out more.

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Lexacom Echo – professional-grade speech recognition from the Healthcare experts

Lexacom Echo revolutionises professional-grade speech recognition, with its easy-to-use interface and accuracy.

Users quickly see it as a key technology for saving time and improving efficiency by freeing them from their keyboards.

Lexacom Echo uses the latest artificial intelligence to manage and support profession-specific dictionaries. Ensuring Echo stays up to date with professional terminology, acronyms, and abbreviations.

“Speech Recognition was the main option we were looking for and it was ideal that it could be tailored to the way GPs wanted to use it. We really love Lexacom Echo for the speed and accuracy it provides” – Practice Manager, The Hall Practice


Lexacom 3 – the state of the art digital dictation platform for clinical teams

Lexacom 3 is our advanced digital dictation and document creation system designed with the healthcare user in mind.

With Lexacom 3, you can easily dictate letters, notes, invoices, and reports. Plus, you can do this securely on the move, while also approving documents, and tracking progress from your iOS or Android ‘phone

Lexacom 3 – designed to lighten your workload, improve patient safety, and enhance Practice efficiency.

“In healthcare, accuracy is paramount and it is absolutely vital to reduce the chance of human error wherever possible. Lexacom 3 with EMIS integration has enabled us to do exactly that and we’re delighted with it.” – Practice Manager, Calverton Practice


Savings for PCNs and CCGs – Volume discounts for the end of the FY

With our heritage in Healthcare, we are very aware of the cycles the sector goes through each year. 

As such we know that PCN and CCG managers are looking to complete projects at this time of year

And to help them, we have volume discount offers, supported by rapid quotations and fast project completion.

Savings for PCNs and CCGs – Get in touch to find out more

If you find yourself with project funds available and want to make the most of them. Then please get in contact.

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We look forward to helping you.