Choose Lexacom 3 for ultimate flexibility and efficiency

Lexacom 3 is one of the most advanced and versatile digital dictation and workflow systems on the market. With Lexacom you can not only dictate and transcribe documents with ease, you can transform business processes with a range of features and services designed to make your life easier.

We have developed a system that meets the demands of today’s busy, flexible workforce with continued innovation to ensure you can maximise efficiency, accuracy and service well into the future.

With Lexacom 3 you can:

  • Dictate securely on the move, approve documents and track progress from your smartphone or tablet
  • Monitor and manage your workload with advanced reporting tools
  • Securely share information across sites using Lexacom cloud technology
  • Outsource some or all of your transcriptions at the touch of a button
  • Take advantage of the integrated Docmail® print and postal service
  • Choose flexible speech recognition options
  • Integrate with your existing systems to optimise accuracy and efficiency


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Lexacom 3 overview