Lexacom works with clinical system Vision make software avaliable on AEROS

Lexacom, the leader of digital dictation and workflow solutions, advance their relationship with clinical provider INPS, who now offer the advanced software Lexacom 3, as the only digital dictation software to be available for GP Practices using Vision hosted on AEROS.

Lexacom, who provide fully integrated digital dictation and workflow solutions designed specifically for Healthcare, is delighted that their existing relationship with the clinical provider goes from strength to strength thus ensuring that Lexacom 3 is available to all GPs using the clinical system Vision and now anyone using Vision hosted on AEROS.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom comments: “It is fantastic that Lexacom 3 is now available to GP Practices who use Vision hosted on AEROS.  It ensures users of this clinical system can now access Lexacom 3 and that their document creation and workflow systems continues to operate efficiently and accurately. This is the last piece of the jigsaw and confirms Lexacom is the only solution that can be used in any practice”.

GP Practices using Lexacom 3 in conjunction with Vision hosted on AEROS, would not need additional Vision hardware and any additional hardware including speech microphones and foot pedals are available from Lexacom.   The Lexacom 2 software is not assured for AEROS and is not compatible with DLM485 so an update to Lexacom 3 must be in place to be able to use this, although upgrading is easy and free for Lexacom 2 Gold users*.

Founded by a practicing GP with a passion for solving problems with technology, Lexacom have been continuously developing their digital dictation capability for more than 15 years.  Their software, Lexacom 3, has the capability to provide a fully integrated range of services for digital dictation so they users create accurate documents with ease. With the ability to not only provide Outsourced Transcription and Speech Recognition, Lexacom can also offer Lexacom Mobile for dictation use on the move and ‘print to post’ services to complete the workflow solution.

The software also provides multi -site, multi-clinical system support, and can be configured to suit individual practice needs to ensure workloads are managed efficiently.   Users can access securely shared workload across sites, effortlessly track referral patterns and generate informative reports. Using the advanced reporting features, users can manage and monitor workflows and improve and monitor referral processing times and paperless referrals.

When brought together and integrating with Vision on AEROS, Lexacom 3 ensures flexibility, a lighter workload and the opportunity to manage resources effectively.