Document creation is fundamental to any business, whether it be from the office or from home, in-house or outsourced typing of letters or using speech recognition to automate the process. The UK-based company, Lexacom, is ideally placed to support changes in working practices with its market leading digital dictation, speech recognition, remote transcription and document management software.

“Lexacom has been at the forefront of IT companies supporting the NHS and other businesses during the pandemic. We rapidly moved our entire workforce to work at home and from there, we have carried on delivering our software to help people manage their document creation needs.” said Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director, Lexacom.

Lexacom has been delivering workflow solutions to the legal, healthcare and professional markets for the last 20 years. Their vision is to help organisations around the world to increase their professional productivity and drive operational excellence through innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

“Over the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we all work. And these changes will continue as professionals strive to work more flexibly and efficiently. Lexacom has consistently been shown to achieve this. Our solutions can also be instantly accessed and embedded into existing business processes and can be used remotely.” said Dr Whiteley.

During this pandemic, working practices have changed to cope with the unprecedented situation. In the post-Covid-19 world, these changes will need to develop to support improved workflow and efficiency together with flexibility. Lexacom has a proven track record of delivering this by ensuring easy access to world-leading digital dictation, AI speech recognition and remote transcription technology.