Lexacom’s digital dictation software hailed as “absolutely fantastic”

A GP surgery has described Lexacom’s digital dictation software as “absolutely fantastic” after making the switch to a digital dictation platform at the end of October.

Maryport Health Services caters for the needs of 13,500 patients in Cumbria but it didn’t have a uniform system for handling patient information.

With a team of secretaries growing increasingly frustrated at having to handle patient information that was being presented on e-mails, recorded on tapes and written on chits of paper, business manager Michelle Fisher decided to find a solution that would bring about a new level of efficiency.

Having run the rule over a number of other products, Michelle opted to make a full-time switch to Lexacom’s digital dictation software after her team enjoyed a month-long free trial. The system is now being used by 12 doctors and three typists.

“The software is absolutely fantastic and nobody has anything negative to say about it,” she explained. “It has improved the workload of the secretaries greatly, there is no endless lists of e-mails to trawl through and the workflow is much better. We’re all delighted with what the software has done for us.”

Michelle has also praised Lexacom’s approach when demonstrating the merits of its digital dictation software. She said: “Someone had recommended Lexacom to me and when I got in touch the service I received was very refreshing. There was no hard sell – something that practice managers don’t have time for – and the whole process was so simple from start to finish.”

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