Lexacom secures multiple contracts with CCGs and Federations

Lexacom has recently secured new contracts from seven clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and a number of GP clusters and federations looking to benefit from advanced digital dictation and document creation software. The new cloud-based system, Lexacom Connect, integrates fully with all UK clinical systems and enables practices to share back office resources. As a result, multiple GP practices across the UK are now working together more effectively, in line with the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View.

GPs rely on dictation systems to transfer their clinical expertise to paper as quickly and efficiently as possible. The advent of digital dictation has seen significant advances in the speed of referrals and accuracy of information being shared. However, most systems rely on a local area network to share data, restricting the use of digital dictation to one site.

Lexacom Connect was developed to directly support the growing need for GPs and other clinicians to work together effectively. Lexacom Connect uses secure, encrypted cloud technology to store and process dictations and transcriptions, allowing information to be shared with multiple sites, with appropriate information governance in place. Recognising the benefits of enabling more efficient, integrated working, CCGs, GP federations and community trusts are adopting Lexacom Connect to support their efforts to speed up patient referrals, work more efficiently, and reduce reliance on paper.

Using Lexacom’s secure cloud-based technology brings the ability to:

Share information and back office resources across federations and localities and dictate from multiple locations. Dictate and transcribe from branch surgeries and clinics, and record referrals during home visits for instant processing, without any need for paper. Reduce or remove reliance on temporary admin staff to manage workload peaks by sharing resources with neighbouring/federated practices.

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS HMR CCG) commented: “We have recently worked with Lexacom to roll out advanced digital dictation software to 35 GP Practices in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale. The new upgraded service allows improved efficiency and consistency across the Rochdale borough for GP Practices”.

The Lexacom platform combines digital dictation, Lexacom Echo speech recognition and outsourced transcription in one system, with customers only paying for the services they use. Lexacom integrates with approved transcription services as well as leading print to post service, Docmail. An exclusive partnership with Docman also ensures transfer of patient documents and referrals are seamless between different healthcare settings.

Lexacom Connect is helping CCGs, federations and individual practices save time and manage resources more effectively. Clinicians at Southernhay Practice in Exeter are using Lexacom Connect with Lexacom Echo speech recognition to maximise efficiency, which has contributed to a significant time saving. Practice Manager, Cindy Flatt, said: “Introducing the combined administrator role alongside Lexacom Echo has freed up at least 20 hours a week.”

Pioneering Federation, South Cheshire and Vale Royal Alliance, is using Lexacom Connect to support information sharing across its practices. Head of Projects, Tara Moylan, said: “The combination of remote working, shared secretarial pools, speech recognition and outsourced transcription gives our 30 practices a variety of options to consider as we work together to improve efficiency and patient care.”

Lexacom Managing Director, Andrew Whiteley, said:

“NHS England’s Five Year Forward View paves the way for the creation of more flexible and integrated NHS organisations to improve patient care. We are delighted to be leading the development of technology that will support these new models of care, including the ability to securely share administrative resources across sites with Lexacom Connect.”

New contracts secured in recent months to provide Lexacom for GP practices and/or community teams include:

Derbyshire Community Healthcare Trafford CCG South Warwickshire CCG South Cheshire and Vale GP Alliance Pennine Care Camden CCG Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (Wales) Taf Elly GP Cluster Heywood Middleton and Rochdale CCG Mansfield and Ashfield CCG