‘Lexacom’s digital dictation software is easy to use’

The ease with which Lexacom’s digital dictation software can be used has been proven beyond all doubt at a GP practice in Middlesex.

The Abbotsbury Practice in Pinner recently replaced its analogue dictation equipment with Lexacom’s digital software and the improvements to the site’s working practices have been dramatic.

In a letter of recommendation to Lexacom, Practice Manager Abidah Haq highlighted the effect that Lexacom has had on one of the senior doctors at the Middlesex practice.

She wrote: “One of our senior GPs always used to write her letters by hand and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of using the old analogue system because she only trusted a pen and paper. But now that Lexacom is with us, I’m pleased to say that she’s using your software 100% of the time. For me, that’s a big turnaround.”

Lexacom Managing Director, Dr Andrew Whiteley, said: “When we set out to develop our digital dictation software, we knew it had to be easy to use and give everyone that was using it a great deal of confidence.

“This letter from the Abbotsbury Practice proves that Lexacom can transform the working practices of even those that are not particularly confident with new technology and will bring about positive change.”