Lexacom helps Practice start a new way of working

Clapham Park Group Practice has appointed leading digital dictator provider Lexacom to help create a workflow system that will benefit their Practice as they look to expand over the next few years.

Clapham Park Group Practice started using Lexacom 3 only a few months ago, but they have already experienced how the fully integrated software is benefiting their Practice’s administrational workflow.

Grant Burford, the IT Manager at the Practice introduced the GPs and Medical Support Team to Lexacom after he was recommended to use it.  The team at Clapham Park Group Practice who previously relied on the old fashioned tape system were impressed by the efficiency and accuracy of dictations the software delivered during their 30 day trial.  During this time, the GPs experienced how Lexacom 3 would improve the administration and workflow at their Practice. They used Olympus hardware to make their dictations through, which was installed at the same the trial was set up.

There was no doubt when the trial drew to an end, that Clapham Park Group Practice made the decision to keep the software and the Olympus products and signed up for 10 licenses.   The GPs and Medical Support Team now use it on a daily basis, which has resulted in a higher level of accurate document creation and a better efficiency of work management within their Practice, creating a much smoother operation for the team.

Grant Burford commented “This was a revelation for our Practice and the team using Lexacom 3 now wish we’d signed up for it long ago. We want to be a forward thinking Practice and to ensure our infrastructure is well equipped to deal effectively with the demands of our growing patient   population”.

Lexacom integrates with the Practice’s clinical system Emis Web. This allows the doctors to also manage their workload and ensures patient data is inputted accurately within every dictation.

Though still relatively new to using Lexacom 3, Clapham Park Group Practice have already trialled the Lexacom Mobile app, which they plan to integrate with their Lexacom 3 software in the next few months. They have also looked into and are considering when they will be using the other third party services Lexacom offer to help manage their workloads at peak times throughout the coming months.

Grant Burford concluded “It’s refreshing to know that we cannot only rely on Lexacom to provide a consistently fantastic service, but also to know we can go back to them at any time to use their third party services as when we need them.  This will really help us as we drive the efficiency of the Practice forward.  We will definitely be recommending Lexacom to other Practices we talk too.”

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director at Lexacom, commented:

“We are very pleased to be working with Clapham Park Group Practice.  This Practice is the perfect example of Lexacom helping them to find a solution which doesn’t just create a more efficient solution for their Practice now, but also means that our software Lexacom 3 operates in such a manner that they have a sound infrastructure in place as the Practice grows and this will certainly support that”.