Lexacom described as “robust” digital dictation solution

A medical centre in Tyne and Wear has switched to Lexacom digital dictation software after finding it to be more “robust” than its previous system.

Bewicke Medical Centre in Howdon had been using an ageing Boomerang digital dictation platform but decided to look for an alternative solution after realising the limitations of its current software.

Practice Manager, May Rodgers, asked some of her colleagues in the local area about their experiences with other digital dictation products and Lexacom’s software quickly emerged as a popular solution.

She said: “It was time to renew our digital dictation resource and after putting the feelers out, I heard lots of positive comments about Lexacom. Its healthcare dictation software was something that our PCT engineers were already familiar with and that indicated to me that it could be a good long-term solution for us.”

Staff at Bewicke Medical Centre underwent a free, 30-day trial to get to grips with Lexacom’s software and made the full-time switch to a Lexacom digital dictation platform at the beginning of October. A team of 10 doctors and two typists are now using the system and its introduction has been hailed as a resounding success.

May Rodgers said: “We were already sold on the merits of digital dictation software but our new Lexacom product is more robust and has some features that our old system didn’t have – like the fact that dictations can be prioritised and clearly identified.

“The response to the new software has been extremely positive and they’re all finding it very easy to use. Switching to Lexacom has definitely given our workflow efficiency a boost and the system is a good match for our requirements.”

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