Lexacom confirmed as fully accredited digital dictation partner to EMIS

Lexacom Digital Dictation has become a fully accredited partner to EMIS, the UK’s leading supplier of clinical software and related services to GP practices. The two companies have signed a three year agreement that will enable full integration between their systems, to improve quality and efficiency for their customers.

Lexacom 3 now integrates fully with EMIS Web, LV and PCS, which together are used by over 50% of GP practices in the UK. By integrating the two systems, GPs dictating with Lexacom will be able to automatically retrieve relevant patient data from the EMIS system and add files, notes and other attachments to dictations, before sending them electronically to their admin team for transcribing. Once typed and approved, letters and other notes will be automatically filed in the patient’s notes on EMIS, providing an easily accessible, secure audit trail.

When combined with Lexacom’s other features, including mobile dictation and advanced management and reporting functions, full integration with EMIS improves overall efficiency, allowing GP practices to deliver an even better service to patients.

Practices trialing the new integrated system have already found the benefits invaluable. Ben Evans, from Kineton Surgery in Warwickshire said: “Using Lexacom 3 with EMIS integration has had a big impact on our practice. Doctors are finding the system even more time efficient, secretaries are confident of accessing the correct patient information and our patients benefit from a quicker, safer system. Lexacom has become part of everyday life at our practice.”

Chris Jones, Commercial Manager for EMIS said, “We are delighted to welcome Lexacom software as part of the EMIS partner programme. We expect it to offer our users significant improvements in the dictation process that will ultimately benefit their patients. The deal follows a rigorous approval process during which we have been impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of Lexacom’s software, as well as their approach to customer service. As with all of our partners, Lexacom has committed to EMIS’ requirement for interoperability and shared standards – enabling our products to work together seamlessly.”

Dr Andrew Whiteley, said, “This announcement represents a significant step forward for us as an organisation but also for many of our clients who rely on EMIS Clinical Systems. We are the only digital dictation software provider to be approved by the three main clinical systems, EMIS, Vision and SystmOne, offering integration with each system.”

Lexacom digital dictation and workflow software is intuitive to use and has been shown to speed up the referral process significantly when compared to analogue dictation. Lexacom 3, the company’s latest software, includes a range of enhancements including clinical integration with EMIS, Vision and SystmOne, advanced management and reporting tools, compatibility with Microsoft Word, and Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) integration.

About EMIS

EMIS is the UK’s leading supplier of clinical software and related services to GP practices, as well as supplying healthcare systems to Community and Children’s organisations, Mental Health and other healthcare practitioners. EMIS clinical systems are used by over 5,000 healthcare organisations across the UK and hold 39 million patient records. Hundreds of thousands of patients are already benefiting from more integrated care using EMIS systems, including 500,000 patients in Bristol, 750,000 patients in North Mersey and 1 million in the North East and London. Earlier this year EMIS was included in the framework agreement to provide clinical IT services to 30 community and mental health trusts across London and the South.