Lexacom celebrates unprecedented growth following strong start to 2018

Lexacom has secured record sales during the first quarter of 2018, following widespread take-up of its software across the NHS. Last quarter saw the company secure ten new contracts with clinical commissioning groups across England, meaning that 52% of all UK GPs will be using Lexacom Digital Dictation following completion of the roll-out of these new contracts.

Key to the company’s success has been its ability to provide systems which are flexible, reliable and intuitive to use. Lexacom Connect, the company’s cloud-based service, has been instrumental in enabling GP practices to work together more efficiently and share administrative resources across sites.

Head of sales, James Morriss, said: “We’ve seen a real shift in recent years towards clinical commissioning groups purchasing our software to be used across all the practices in their area. The drive for organisations, both in the NHS and private sector, to work from multiple locations and share information securely has led to much greater demand for cloud-based document creation systems. According to our clients, Lexacom provides them with the best solution to enable their teams to work efficiently, accurately and securely.”

Lexacom specialises in digital dictation and document creation software for the healthcare, legal and professional services markets. Developed originally by Dr Andrew Whiteley, the company’s software is now being used to record around 7 million patient referrals every year and is the only system to be fully integrated with all major clinical systems. With the NHS under increasing pressure to operate more efficiently, Lexacom has seen a dramatic rise in demand for its software, with the company’s turnover growing by more than 20% year on year over the past three years.

Lexacom has been or is in the process of being rolled out across 18 CCG sites in addition to the significant number of individual GP practices, Federations, law firms and other organisations already using the software.

“Increasingly, organisations are also switching to speech recognition to help improve efficiency, particularly in the legal sector. We have created our own speech recognition solution, Lexacom Echo, specifically designed to offer greater flexibility to professional users which is proving very popular,” James Morriss added.

The Lexacom platform combines digital dictation, Lexacom Echo speech recognition and outsourced transcription in one system, with customers only paying for the services they use. Lexacom integrates with approved transcription services as well as leading print to post service, Docmail. An exclusive partnership with Docman also ensures the seamless transfer of client documents and patient referrals between different healthcare and professional settings.