Whiting & Mason Solicitors

“The strength of the customer service offered by Lexacom really swayed our buying decision. They have been very quick to respond to everything we have asked and have always been extremely enthusiastic about our business.”

Joanne Potts, Senior Partner

A successful and smooth transition from analogue to Lexacom Digital Dictation has proved highly beneficial for Whiting and Mason as faster information processing brings about increases in efficiencies.

The challenges:

Existing hardware was failing and needed replacing Admin efficiency needed to improve

Life with Lexacom:

Free 30 day trial gave sceptical solicitors the chance to see the difference, finding a much quicker and more versatile system. Users found this solution easy to add new staff, which was incredibly important as the firm expands and is set to roll-out across three other offices

The full story:

Derbyshire-based law firm, Whiting and Mason, has seen a huge improvement in its dictation and transcription process since changing to Lexacom, and is rolling out the digital system to all offices.

Joanne Potts, Senior Partner, was impressed with the service Lexacom offers; its speed in responding to her enquiries, its ability to illustrate precisely how the system would meet the firm’s specific requirements and the option to take advantage of a 30 day free trial which proved to be invaluable.

Potts said: “It was really useful on two counts. It firstly illustrated the extreme difference between Lexacom’s digital dictation software and our old analogue system. It was like night and day.  It also gave us the reassurance and confidence that the system was for us.”

Secretaries and solicitors alike have benefited from using the system as information is processed much faster.  Individual dictations can be prioritised meaning that more important letters and documents can be dealt with urgently. Joanne adds: “We all love Lexacom. We can get the work to our secretaries without any kind of delay. It’s an instant transfer and they can pick it up straight away.”

Joanne has found the system to be both versatile and functional. She concluded: “It’s great to know that when we have new people joining the practice – either solicitors or secretaries – we can just switch them on.”

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