Tudor Surgery

“Tudor Surgery have noticed a significant increase in general efficiency. Documents are processed mush faster and the typists and doctors are much happier with the system they’re using.”

Debbie Howarth – Practice Manager

The Tudor Surgery in Nantwich has only 4,500 patients on its books and that means that every penny has to be spent wisely.  It recently replaced its ageing analogue dictation system with Lexacom’s digital software and Practice Manager, Debbie Howarth, believes the cost of the switch has been fully justified.

Having enjoyed a free trial with only one doctor and one typist using Lexacom, the Tudor Surgery now has three doctors and one typist using the software.

Debbie Howarth believes the cost of the switch has been fully justified. “The initial outlay on the software is pretty big for a practice of our size but I’d say it’s cost-effective because of what the software gives you in return,” she said.

Howarth added: “I’m really glad that we got to hear about Lexacom. Some of the neighbouring practices were using the software and we’d heard lots of good things about its performance and improvements.”

Lexacom Managing Director, Andrew Whiteley, said “When we designed our digital dictation software, we developed a system that was fully scalable and able to meet the needs of small, large and growing practices.  We’re delighted that the Tudor Surgery is already experiencing such a significant improvement in its efficiency since switching to Lexacom.”

Lexacom’s digital dictation software enables immediate and accurate dictation and transcription, improving practice efficiency and patient care. The software enables doctors to record and mark the urgency of dictations easily, while secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine.

Lexacom’s dictation software was originally developed by doctors for doctors. Its latest software has been designed to make doctors’ lives even easier by offering improved integration with clinical systems and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere – even while on home visits.

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