The Robert Darbishire Practice

“We’ve always loved using Lexacom and knowing that the Lexacom 3 software could be of even more benefit was really key for us”

Vicky Shah IT and Finance manager for both sites.

Running a medical practice that has three secretaries to support 23 GPs across two different locations means that the Practice Manager has to ensure their workload is managed in the most efficient and seamless way possible.

The Robert Darbishire Practice and The Whitswood Practice have used Lexacom for the past seven years after switching from the traditional tape-based system. During the last few years, the two practices have increased their patient lists and have found over time that they were outgrowing the Lexacom 2 version of the digital dictation software.

Vicky Shah, wanted to explore ways in which the Lexacom software could help her overcome some of the issues that occur running a large operation:

“One of the biggest hurdles we wanted to overcome was being able to use our digital dictation software in conjunction with other systems we use on a daily basis, with the aim that we could start to streamline our work.

We get updated product news from Lexacom regularly and we were particularly interested to see that the Lexacom 3 version of the software would allow full integration with all the major clinical systems”.

After having an update of how Lexacom 3 differentiates from their previous Lexacom 2 version, and understanding that they could upgrade the Lexacom software without having to change any of their IT infrastructure, this proved ideal for them.

As a result, the two practices can now integrate with EMIS Web ensuring that patient data is brought across into their templates correctly before they start the dictation process. The practices have also benefitted from each GP and Secretary having their own user license, so that when they are away from their own computer they can still log on and use Lexacom 3 on any PC in the Practice.

“Our GPs and Secretaries occasionally have to work from each of our practice sites so having the ability to be able to log on from a different PC has been really beneficial and saves them a lot of time!”

From their Administrator’s point of view, she can now access a Management and Reporting Tool, another feature which is found on the Lexacom 3 software which has allowed her to monitor document turnaround times, identify the trends of work and provide accurate data for the Management team at the Practice. Vicky is now running a much more efficient practice because of choosing to use Lexacom 3.


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