The Brecon Medical Group Practice

“It has enabled us to streamline our referral process and we have a more efficient mechanism for flagging urgent dictations.”

Practice Manager Denise McNamara

The Brecon Medical Group Practice has switched from a tape-based dictation system to Lexacom Digital Dictation.

Even though they have only been working with their new Lexacom system for two months, the secretaries are already feeling the benefits.

Lexacom was installed alongside Olympus hardware across their two sites, coinciding with the practice’s clinical migration to EMIS Web. Lexacom integrates seamlessly with EMIS, which ensures the correct patient data is automatically retrieved and allows files and notes to be attached to dictations before being sent for transcription by the admin team. Once typed and approved, letters and notes are automatically filed back into the patient’s notes, providing an easily accessible and secure audit trail.

Gwyneth Ford, Medical Secretary, is delighted with the new system:

“It’s a much easier and quicker system, it saves us lots of time. It’s far clearer too, instead of having to look for urgent dictations within a tape by fast forwarding and rewinding, each dictation is flagged with orange or red to show us which ones need doing as a matter of priority so we can manage our workload much more effectively. Plus it’s much more secure as the dictations are stored in the Lexacom system, so they can’t get lost like tapes.”

Adapting to a new way of working hasn’t fazed the secretarial team. “It’s really easy to use,” said Gwyneth, “we’ve learnt how to use Lexacom really quickly. It’s made the whole process better and we’re very positive about it,” Gwyneth concluded.

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