St Margaret’s Medical Practice

“Lexacom makes our secretaries’ lives a lot easier and the doctors really like using it.” Dinah Penney, Practice Manager

With the ability to prioritise dictations and track progress on referrals, St Margaret’s Medical Practice in Twickenham is enjoying improved efficiency since switching to Lexacom digital dictation from analogue tapes.

Integrating seamlessly with their SystmOne clinical system, the six GPs and secretarial team are delighted with the difference Lexacom is making.

Practice Manager, Dinah Penney said: “We’ve seen real benefits since getting up and running with Lexacom and we’re really pleased with it.”

As their previous dictation equipment became increasingly expensive to replace and with tapes about to go out of production, the practice needed an efficient alternative.“The main difference with Lexacom is that doctors can prioritise dictations and it’s easy for the secretaries to locate the recordings without having to scroll through reams of tapes to find them,” Dinah continued.

Medical Secretary, Gill Sword agrees:

“We would often get 20 or more dictations in one go and a hand written note about which recordings were the biggest priority. That would mean counting your way through each recording, often needing to locate an update elsewhere in the tape.”

The ability to keep track of progress is another big plus. “If a patient rings up to find out about their referral, we can easily locate their recording and give them an update,” continued Gill, “You can see what’s coming up too, it’s a much more efficient way to work.”

As an LMC Buying Groups Federation member, St Margaret’s Medical Practice has benefitted from an exclusive 20% discount on Lexacom software licenses and free installation. They are hoping to use the Lexacom mobile app in the near future too.

“It took a little while to get the Lexacom system off the ground because of some IT glitches at our end but Lexacom’s technical team has been really helpful in overcoming them,” continued Dinah. “Lexacom makes our secretaries’ lives a lot easier and the doctors really like using it,” she concluded.

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