South West London Law Centres

“The system is very easy to use and has gone down well with solicitors and secretaries alike.”

Alasdair Stewart, Operations Manager

London Law Centre announces improvement in efficiency following switch to Lexacom

The South West London Law Centres (SWLLC) has seen a marked improvement in efficiency since ditching its old analogue tape system and switching to Lexacom digital dictation.

Under increasing pressure to do more for less in the face of cuts in legal aid, the Law Centres made the leap to digital dictation to speed up admin processes and minimise the time solicitors were spending on admin. The SWLLC, which is based across four sites, has approximately 3,000 cases operating at any one time, so keeping on top of the correspondence is crucial.

Alasdair Stewart said “since installing Lexacom, we’ve been able to improve our document turnaround times significantly. The system is very easy to use and has gone down well with solicitors and secretaries alike.”

The new system has improved the flow of work between solicitors and secretaries too:

“Instead of waiting to fill a tape, solicitors now record a dictation and immediately hit send, knowing it will appear in the typist’s screen in an instant. The improved sound quality with Lexacom means transcription is faster and more accurate and correspondence goes out of the door much more quickly.” Alasdair added.

The centres use Olympus hardware which works seamlessly with Lexacom to deliver a user friendly, efficient system. It’s not just efficiency that has improved, however. As Lexacom 3 uses cloud technology, the four sites are able to securely share dictations and transcriptions without risking confidential data getting lost when sent between offices. Alasdair continued “Sending dictation tapes between sites was inefficient and there was always a risk tapes could get lost. With Lexacom, all our dictation data is securely encrypted so confidential information is protected.” Lexacom digital dictation has proved so popular in the office that the SWLLC is now making the mobile app version available to solicitors so they can dictate straight from court, knowing their correspondence can be dealt with before they return to the office.

“All of our staff have been very impressed with the higher quality of the digital dictations and found the system incredibly easy to use. The team at Lexacom have been great to work with and I don’t hesitate in recommending their solution.” Alasdair concluded.

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