Muir, Myles and Laverty Solicitors

“With Lexacom, each dictation is an individual file which all our secretaries can access. Work is shared out effectively and documents are processed more quickly as a result.”

Victoria Clancy, Legal Secretary

The challenges:

Analogue system was unreliable and expensive to maintain Work couldn’t be shared out, causing delays If tapes were full, solicitors had to stop dictating

Life with Lexacom:

Solicitors dictate quickly, minimising time spent on admin Files are individual so secretaries can share the workload Outstanding work is clearly prioritised Documents are being produced more quickly and effectively, benefiting both the firm and its clients

The full story:

Muir, Myles and Laverty Solicitors switched to Lexacom Digital Dictation as part of an upgrade of their IT systems, as the tapes they were using for dictation were unreliable and new machines were expensive to purchase. Lexacom was able to offer a service that was much more cost effective and easier to use.

Victoria Clancy, Legal Secretary, has noticed a real improvement since using Lexacom:

“The whole system works much better now. The sound quality is clearer, dictations can be actioned more quickly and it’s much easier for the secretaries to manage their workload because they know what is outstanding, which dictations are urgent and how long all the recordings are”.

The firm’s solicitors have also benefited directly. Dictations are now quicker and easier to record, meaning less time is spent on admin, leaving more time for client work.

However, perhaps one of the strongest benefits has been the ability to share work out among secretaries during busy periods. “With tapes, it was hard to share work out as one tape could contain a number of dictations, but with Lexacom, the recordings are individual files which all our secretaries can access” Victoria explained.

“Being a digital system also means our solicitors can keep dictating, even if we have a backlog of transcriptions to complete – unlike tapes, the system doesn’t fill up!” she added.

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