Hall Liddy Accountants

“I would definitely recommend Lexacom – it’s made a huge difference.”

Michelle Cowgill, Practice Manager

Since switching to Lexacom Digital Dictation Hall Liddy has seen a huge difference in its dictation and transcription process and subsequent efficiency.  Lost tapes and poor recordings, which slowed down the speed at which dictations could be turned around, are a thing of the past.

The challenges:

Delays in processing dictations Tapes kept breaking or getting lost Poor sound quality

Life with Lexacom:

The whole process is much quicker Secretaries have complete visibility of workload Dictations are acted upon immediately

The full story:

Busy Manchester-based chartered accountants, Hall Liddy, switched to Lexacom Digital Dictation from a tape-based dictation system and noticed an immediate turnaround in efficiency.

The practice’s tape system was old and regularly broke down.  Tapes were often lost and the sound quality of recordings was usually poor.  They therefore needed to find an alternative solution which would make these problems a thing of the past.

Lexacom’s 30 day free trial was a great way of demonstrating how easy a digital dictation platform would be to use and how it could change things for the better.   Practice Manager, Michelle Cowgill said: “The trial was very worthwhile. Some members of staff are very particular about the way they do things and don’t necessarily like change.”

The system brought about immediate benefits; both in the overall improvement in the speed with which things are processed and the increase in general efficiency across the firm.  Michelle explained: “Before Lexacom, tapes used to sit in a basket downstairs for at least half an hour before they were picked up and acted upon.  Because the secretaries have full visibility of the jobs on their screen, they pick dictations up straight away and get them through the system without delay.” She added:  “It’s great to know that we don’t have to suffer the headache that came with the analogue tapes.”

Because the trial was such a success Hall Liddy made a full time switch to Lexacom. Michelle concluded, “Lexacom has been a very positive step for us and the increase in general efficiency continues to leave everyone very happy.”

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