Lexacom Digital Dictation: EMIS and Kineton Surgery

Kineton & Tysoe Surgeries is one of the first GP practices to benefit from the full integration between EMIS Web EPR and Lexacom 3 Digital Dictation.

Kineton’s doctors and admin team are thrilled with the new system.

“Integration with EMIS has removed that small but significant potential for error when drafting patient documents, particularly as we have a number of patients with the same name”. – Ben Evans, Reception and IT Manager.

Ben went on to say: “Because Lexacom digital dictation integrates seamlessly with EMIS EPR, we are now fully confident that every dictation has the right patient details associated and is filed in the correct patient’s notes. It’s made a big difference to us and we love it!”

The practice, which serves 4,700 patients across two sites in the South Warwickshire area, improved its efficiency significantly when it switched to Lexacom digital dictation software some years ago. But it has been surprised to see what a difference the latest software version, Lexacom 3 digital dictation, is making to their practice.

“Lexacom 3 digital dictation is so much easier and quicker to use – it has become part of everyday life at the practice.” Ben continued “Tracking dictations and keeping on top of workload is easier and the sound quality and speed of the system is even better than it was before. One of the biggest differences has been the speed and reliability of the connection with our branch surgery which can now send dictations and receive transcriptions as easily and securely as if they were at our main site.” He added.

“Lexacom 3 digital dictation is better in every way.”

-Ben Evans

The team at Kineton and Tysoe have also found that tehe cloud-based software is making life easier.

They can log on to their software from any machine, using whichever user profile they need. The software updates itself with the latest features and can be customised to suit individual needs.

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