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Crookes Medical Practice

“Being able to use the integrated outsourced transcription service on a temporary basis was a real lifesaver”

Kate Carr, Practice Manager

Described as one of the best decisions they made, Crookes Practice in Sheffield have always used Lexacom 3 software since the need arose for a digital dictation system at their Practice.

Integrating with their clinical system, SystmOne and using Olympus as recommended by Lexacom, Crookes Practice feel they have the perfect combination to ensure an efficient end to end work flow for document production.

Crookes Practice chose to work with Lexacom over other digital dictation system providers in the market.  After their initial experience of Lexacom’s Sales and Customer Service team and a trial to understand how the software works, they realised this offering met with the high standard they were looking to work with.

Since they started using Lexacom 3, Crookes Practice have seen significant improvements in the administration at their Practice.

Not only have they increased work flow production but they have streamlined their workflow systems and reduced the time their Medical Secretaries spend on document creation, allowing them to focus on other areas of work.  All of this has benefited their budgets and saved money in the long term; this really has been a win-win solution for Crookes Practice.

Flexibility of Lexacom’s Integrated Services

Whilst Crookes Practice use Lexacom’s digital dictation services on a daily basis, they also use Accuro’s outsourced transcription services when required.  Secured transcription services which are easy to set up and which fully integrates with Lexacom 3, continues to fill any gaps of work flow during times when they are short staffed.

Kate Carr Practice Manager at Crookes Practice commented “We were without a Medical Secretary for three months. Being able to use the integrated outsourced transcription service on a temporary basis was a real lifesaver during a time when we were recruiting for this role.  Knowing that this kind of integrated service is something we can use as and when is necessary gives us flexibility we occasionally need this, and it’s a great feeling to know Lexacom are always on hand with services at a touch of a button that can support our Practice in order to maintain a constant work flow”.

Crookes Practice use their Lexacom 3 software on a daily basis across a team of six GPs, visiting Locums, Nurse Practitioners and the Admin Support team. Kate Carr concluded:

“Lexacom 3 has been a fantastic asset to our Practice and to our team.  We would certainly recommend any GP Surgery who currently doesn’t use Lexacom 3 to start using this invaluable service, which we have come to rely on”.

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