Bassett Road Surgery

“Having used digital dictation services for the past 15 years, I’d always recommend Lexacom 3 and their Outsourced Transcription services to other Practices.”

Rebecca Halt, Head of Secretariat

Bassett Road Surgery first started using Lexacom 3’s digital dictation software in 2013.  It has now become an integral part of their secretarial role, supporting the team to ensure they are working efficiently and enabling the secretarial team to provide a more efficient and accurate document creation service to the Practice.

Having previously used a traditional analogue system, Bassett Road Surgery changed their dictation system when Rebecca Hatt, Head of Secretariat, suggested they trial this type of system, something she’d used in a previous position.

Rebecca Hatt comments “When I first started here at the Practice there was a significant backlog of work.  There were always difficulties when using the old analogue system to pick out urgent correspondence as these have to be hunted from the individual tapes.”

“…But now we are using Lexacom 3’s digital dictation software, these can be picked out and typed immediately. This is just one example of a more efficient service being provided, not only for the work being sent out in a timelier manner, but being able to produce the work more efficiently; it is simply a better system”.

After taking advantage of the free 30-day trial, Bassett Road Surgery signed up to Lexacom which is now used by their six GP Partners, three GPs, two GP registrars, three Nurses, a Clinical Pharmacist and three Secretaries. The enormity of work means Lexacom 3 is in constant use.

Bassett Road Surgery uses SystmOne, which integrates seamlessly with Lexacom 3 and has proved to work very well together during the document creation process. Rebecca continues:

“I also like the fact we can trace dictations that are dispatched, retrieved or not sent as they should be”

Along with the use of Olympus hardware, this integration has led to a significantly improved process for Bassett Road Surgery, reducing any heavy workloads and allowing them to react more quickly to both urgent and older dictations to ensure they are transcribed efficiently and quickly.

When Bassett Road Surgery has a heavy backlog of work, they use preScribe’s Outsourced Transcription services to help ensure their workload remains normal.

“We use preScribe for help with work backlogs, as no matter what system you use, dictations still need to kept up to date, whether we have a much higher level of work or when a member of the team is on holiday or on sick leave.  It really helps us during these busy times and because it integrates seamlessly with Lexacom 3 and we only pay for the additional services as and when we need it, it allows us complete flexibility”.

“Lexacom is 3 a much better and more efficient way to manage any type of workload.  It is the best way forward, and having used digital dictation services for the past 15 years, I’d always recommend Lexacom 3 and their Outsourced Transcription services to other Practices”.

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