“The cost of implementing Lexacom’s software has been hugely economical. The flexibility of being able to expand our use of the platform is extremely useful as we look to the future.”

Janet Thirkettle, Practice Manager

Changing to Lexacom Digital Dictation has proved to be highly beneficial for AdamsLeeClark.  Not only has it been cost effective but all the problems, and resulting pressures, that they had with their unreliable tape-based system have been eradicated.

The challenges:

Tape-based system was unreliable Sound quality was poor Dictations weren’t being transcribed quickly enough extremely useful as we look to the future.

Life with Lexacom:

No more concerns about performance or quality. Tasks can be viewed by priority Workload is visible and manageable – there are no nasty surprises.

When an unreliable and poor quality tape-based dictation system forced accountant practice, AdamsLeeClark, to search for an alternative solution, they converted to Lexacom’s digital dictation system. As a result, performance has greatly improved.

Typically the partners use a dictation system to record general correspondence as well as telephone conversations, meeting notes, letters and narratives for invoices. Dictations are then passed to secretaries to produce the paperwork and action any requests. However, they became increasingly frustrated with the poor quality of the dictations as tapes became worn, and the general unreliability of the tape system.

Going digital with Lexacom has changed all of that as the partners and secretaries no longer have to worry about the performance and sound quality of tapes.  Practice Manager, Janet Thirkettle has seen just how much it is valued. “They all think it’s excellent. Lexacom has eradicated all the pressures that used to come with our old dictation system.”

But perhaps an even greater benefit is how it has allowed the secretaries to become more efficient.

“The secretaries are particularly pleased because they can see all the dictations in front of them and can see at a glance the different priorities placed on different dictations.  This enables them to prioritise effectively.” Janet explained.

Not only was Lexacom’s 30-day free trial a really strong selling point, enabling the firm to test the system first, but the software was also hugely economical to implement.


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