Lexacom brings equality at Pendyffryn Medical Group

“The software is very easy to use and not at all complicated”

The Pendyffryn Medical Group in North Wales has said that Lexacom’s digital dictation software has made its workflow system much fairer.

The practice teamed up with Lexacom in June after losing patience with it analogue dictation system and is now revelling in the improvements that a digital platform brings.

As well as being happy with the vastly improved clarity of recordings, the secretarial team at the Prestatyn-based practice has been particularly impressed with how Lexacom has helped to iron out any inconsistencies in workload.

Natalie Frybus, a secretary at the Pendyffryn Medical Group, said: “Being able to clearly see what dictations are waiting and how long they’ve been there has made the workflow much better. And that makes for a much fairer system.

“Now we don’t have the problems associated with one tape containing lots and lots of dictations and another only having a couple on it. Lexacom allows us to handle everything as we see it and that’s great news for both the doctors and us as secretaries.”

Although The Pendyffryn Medical Group has only been with Lexacom for a short period of time, it’s already glad that it invested in digital dictation technology.

“The software is very easy to use and not at all complicated,” Natalie added. “It’s the type of technology that you wish you’d been using for years – it’s that good.”