Lexacom is delighted to be in the newly released NHS Shared Business Systems Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, and Outsourced Transcription Framework.

This award will allow NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations to directly access Lexacom’s portfolio of software and hardware. This comes at a time when NHS organisations require market-leading solutions to assist their critical work during ever more complex and unprecedented times.

“In the coming months, the backlog of non Covid-19 patients is going to place a further strain on UK healthcare administration. Lexacom is proven to increase efficiency and speed up turnaround times of referrals, letters and other documents. NHS trusts require quick answers as soon as possible and Lexacom provides the security and accuracy that medical professionals need. Our solutions can also be instantly accessed and embedded into existing admin systems and can be used remotely. This will be essential for future working practice” said Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director, Lexacom.

Leading supplier of digital dictation and speech recognition software

Lexacom is the UK’s leading supplier of digital dictation, speech recognition and transcription software to primary care, with over 60% of practices using the software and continues to improve the links between primary and secondary care. “This award further strengthens the long-standing relationship we have as a trusted and approved partner within the healthcare sector and we are proud to be recognised for this,” said Dr Whiteley.

Digital Dictation

Our software includes Lexacom 3 which is an advanced digital dictation and document creation system designed by professionals; for professionals. With its easy to use workflow management, Lexacom helps you and your team work together and is the ideal solution for hospitals looking to evolve current working practices. It is an all-encompassing platform that can be configured specifically for any organisation’s requirements.

Lexacom offers a wide range of services which all work harmoniously with Lexacom 3. Fully integrated, these additional features are designed to help your organisation work more efficiently and are ideal for the new ways in which we will all have to work in the future.

Speech Recognition

Lexacom Echo revolutionises professional speech recognition by using the latest AI technology to produce outstanding levels of accuracy from first use. It will dramatically improve efficiency in document creation. Lexacom manages a UK-specific healthcare dictionary for our users, ensuring Echo stays up to date with not only medical terms but also professional acronyms and abbreviations.

Dictate away from the office

With Lexacom Mobile on your handheld device, you can record, track and approve dictations wherever and whenever you like. Fully integrated with your desktop installation, Lexacom Mobile uses securely encrypted cloud technology to transmit dictations between healthcare workers and secretaries, ensuring your data remains safe at all times.

Transcription support service

Lexacom Scribe is an integrated transcription service available at the touch of a button and provides all Lexacom customers with instant access to our UK-based, high quality transcription service. This solution is fully embedded within Lexacom 3 and will enable work to be securely transferred, with no additional steps.

Multi-Site working

Lexacom Connect is our cloud-based service, which brings together all our software allowing work to be done at multiple sites, thus sharing resources and increasing productivity and cost savings. The data is stored on your cloud server in our UK-based secure data centre and is encrypted to the highest NHS security level.

This further acknowledges Lexacom’s dedication to the NHS and ensures easy access to world-leading digital dictation, speech recognition. and transcription technology.