Lexacom and Olympus announce digital dictation hardware trade-in deal

Leading digital dictation provider, Lexacom, has teamed up with Olympus to offer a hardware trade-in offer to customers looking at upgrading their Windows operating software.

With many NHS organisations and law firms currently upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8, news that Lexacom is fully compatible across the three systems has been welcomed by its customers.

However, some older style hardware may not work with the latest operating software, which is why Lexacom and Olympus have launched a trade-in deal, giving customers access to the latest hardware at discounted prices. The deal allows existing and new customers to trade in existing dictation hardware from any supplier in exchange for new Olympus equipment, from now until 31 August 2014*.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director, Lexacom, said “We designed Lexacom to be future proof and we constantly develop our software to remain at the forefront of technology. By working in partnership with Olympus, we’re also able to offer clients the chance to update their equipment to ensure they have the right tools to work as efficiently as possible.”

Organisations wishing to take advantage of the deal should contact the sales team on sales(at)lexacom(dot)co(dot)uk or call +44 (0)1295 236910.

*Terms and conditions apply

About Lexacom  Lexacom digital dictation enables clear, accurate correspondence to be recorded immediately and sent electronically for transcription, avoiding the frustrations and delays associated with tape-based analogue systems still in use at many organisations. Using the highest security standards to encrypt data, professionals can also record correspondence, referrals and reports on the move via the Lexacom Mobile app, which is ideal for home working and client/patient visits.

Lexacom Digital Dictation is the only digital dictation software approved by the three leading clinical systems, EMIS, Vision and SystmOne and is the preferred choice among GPs. An increasing number of law firms are also switching to Lexacom, attracted by the company’s cost-effective, flexible and reliable software.