Lexacom 3 roll out begins in earnest

The wait is officially over for Lexacom customers wanting to upgrade to Lexacom 3 – the latest, feature-packed version of this leading digital dictation software. Existing v2.3 customers are now able to book an upgrade with Lexacom’s approved engineers by registering their interest via Lexacom3upgrade@lexacom.co.uk

Lexacom 3 offers a range of exciting new features including integration with leading clinical systems, advanced management and reporting tools and an improved user interface. When paired with Lexacom Mobile, L3 customers can also dictate securely on the move, anytime, anywhere, with access to tracking and reporting data. Multi site organisations can also share dictation and transcription data securely via the Lexacom Cloud even if there is no network connection between them.

Managing Director, Andrew Whiteley, said “I am delighted we are now in a position to upgrade our v2.3 customers to our latest software. Demand for Lexacom 3 is high and installation dates are booking up fast so I urge any clients wanting to upgrade to get in touch as soon as possible.”

Lexacom 3 requires onsite installation by an Lexacom approved engineer for a one-off cost. The software itself is free to existing Lexacom Gold Support customers.  Lexacom 3 is a membership-based service. Ongoing support, automatic updates and access to other services are included within the membership fee.

To book your upgrade and start taking advantage of the benefits of Lexacom 3, please email Lexacom3upgrade@lexacom.co.uk

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