Launch of Lexacom Connect set to help GP Practices cut costs

The launch of Lexacom Connect, a secure cloud digital dictation system, could help GP practices facing financial pressures, by reducing costs and optimising secretarial resource.

Following the latest news published by Pulse Today regarding the rise in numbers of practices having to consider merging to survive, Lexacom is urging GPs and Practice Managers to get in touch to find out how sharing back office functions with other practices could save vital funds.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom and former GP Practice Partner, said: “It is clear from recent reports that GP practices are finding it increasingly difficult to operate independently in light of growing pressures. We support Pulse Today’s ‘Stop Practice Closures’ campaign and we are keen to help practices reduce back office costs through effective use of technology.”

Lexacom Connect is a secure digital dictation system in the cloud. It enables multiple sites – such as multiple GP practices – to share data and transcription services exactly as if they were all based in the same building.  This system could lead to many practices sharing one, centrally-located secretarial team, or outsourcing transcriptions to an approved agency.

Lexacom integrates with clinical systems and is the only digital dictation software approved by Emis, Vision and SystmOne. The software enables practices to track and audit workload and referrals, and monitor referral data in real time. This can be done both for individual practices and across multiple sites to identify trends.

Dr Whiteley continued: “For practices to continue to provide the valuable local service we have come to rely on, they need to find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency without reducing service. Using cost effective systems such as Lexacom Connect can help practices achieve more in less time.”

Lexacom Connect is secure. All data is encrypted so that practices can feel fully confident their patient data is safe. Already in use at sites around the UK, Lexacom Connect is ideal for multiple sites with no direct network connection between them, whether they are local to each other or based in different countries.

Lexacom Connect uses the latest Lexacom 3 Digital Dictation software and includes use of the Lexacom Mobile App, enabling dictations to be recorded, tracked and approved on the move.

For more information about how Lexacom can help your practice do more for less, contact or call 01295 236910.