Jersey medical centre leads the way with efficient technology for better wo

Island Medical Centre have appointed leading digital dictation provider Lexacom to provide the way forward for more efficient shared working methods.

After being recommended to try the digital dictation software by a UK-based medical partner, Island Medical Centre took the chance to trial Lexacom 3 for a month to see what the difference would be to their working life as opposed to the analogue tape system they previously used for writing letters and patient referrals.

IT partner, Dr Andy Vincent commented: “We’d worked with an antiquated system for a while and it was becoming clear that as the size of our Practice grew, we needed a more efficient solution to help cope with the level of work”.

“Efficiently dealing with our patient’s needs is always at the forefront of our minds, so it’s really important that all the systems we have in place, will support and maintain this”.

It was very clear, that out of all the solutions and after trialling Lexacom 3, Island Medical Centre found that Lexacom’s digital dictation solution was able to fulfil all of their workflow needs.

Situated across four locations in Jersey, with 20 Doctors and around 50 PCs, Island Medical Centre not only needed a digital dictation solution to integrate into their work situation but also needed it to be compatible with EMIS Web, their clinical system.

Andy Vincent went onto comment “Using the Lexacom 3 digital software has certainly fulfilled all our requirements.  Not only are our Medical Secretaries able to share work out, but it has increased their work pool efficiencies and brilliantly integrates with our EMIS Web clinical system, ensuring us that patient’s details are secure, which is one of our top priorities”.

“We are delighted with how Lexacom 3 works for us and we find Lexacom’s Technical Support team excellent and very helpful, not that we need to talk to them too much!”

Despite not using it for long, Island Medical Centre have already expressed an interest in trialling some of Lexacom’s other products as they can already see how these will be supportive to them as they continue to use Lexacom 3.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director at Lexacom commented:

We are delighted to be working with Island Medical Centre. One of their biggest needs is to ensure patient safety and this becomes even more so when a practice such as Island Medical Centre has more than one site and data is being shared. Our software is developed to increase patient safety and to ensure it is compatible with other systems such as EMIS Web”.