Improved Efficiency with Digital Dictation Software

A new customer audit has shown that Lexacom’s digital dictation software has reduced the average time it takes to process a GP referral letter by over 85%.

The audit was carried out at the Moore Street Surgery in Bootle, Liverpool and compared the performance of a traditional tape-based dictation system against Lexacom’s digital dictation software when processing GP referral letters.

The average time taken to process a letter from dictation to typing using a tape-based dictation system was 118 hours and 28 minutes (almost 5 days). The Moore Street Surgery then started using Lexacom’s digital dictation software as part of a pilot project arranged by Informatics Merseyside.

As a result, time taken to process a letter from dictation to typing using Lexacom was just 13 hours 56 minutes (0.5 days) – over 85% quicker than before.

Lexacom Managing Director, Andrew Whiteley, said: “We’re delighted to see that our software is delivering such an excellent result for the Moore Street Surgery. Our clients are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality services more efficiently and we are pleased to be able to help them do just that.”

When the audit was complete and the results were analysed, the difference in referral letter turnaround times was huge.  Overall, using Lexacom digital dictation, the Moore Street Surgery was shown to be saving itself an average of 104 hours or 4.3 days per letter.

“The Lexacom software and hardware was easy to install and I would recommend it to any other practice that is still using tapes.” Helen Devling, Practice Manager, the Moore Street Surgery.

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Lexacom’s digital dictation software enables immediate and accurate dictation and transcription, improving practice efficiency and patient care. The software enables doctors to record and mark the urgency of dictations easily, while secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine.

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