Improve patient service through the Prescribing Incentive Scheme

Leading healthcare digital dictation provider, Lexacom, is encouraging GP practices to make the most of the Prescribing Incentive Scheme (also known as the Prescribing Savings Scheme) for the benefit of their patients, before it changes at the end of March 2013. Many Primary Care Trusts support use of the fund to purchase digital dictation software because it speeds up the referral process, improving patient service.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, said,

“the Prescribing Incentive Scheme enables GPs who have achieved their local prescribing targets to invest in better services for patients. Many of our clients have successfully applied to use the funding to purchase Lexacom Digital Dictation because of the benefits the software brings to patients in processing referrals swiftly and improving overall efficiency.”

Lexacom’s digital dictation software enables immediate and accurate dictation and transcription, improving practice efficiency and patient care. The software enables doctors to record and mark the urgency of dictations easily, while secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine. A recent independent customer audit found that using Lexacom digital dictation can speed up document turnaround times by 85 per cent.

The Prescribing Incentive Scheme rewards GPs for a responsible approach to prescribing medicines and makes funds available to eligible practices to spend on services that directly benefit patients. However, the current scheme ends on 31st March 2013 and it is not yet clear how or if it will be replaced.

Lexacom’s dictation software was originally developed by doctors for doctors. Its latest software has been designed to make doctors’ lives even easier by offering improved integration with clinical systems, reporting functions which enable referrals to be tracked and audited, and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere – even while on home visits.

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