Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference, Lincoln


Managing the Unmanageable.

Returning as a live event. The annual Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference is being held at the Bentley Hotel. On Thursday, November 25.

Lexacom’s Head of Primary Care, Simon Brady, will be attending the conference. Supporting delegates in making the most of that scarcest of resources – time. With information on our speech recognition platform Lexacom Echo. And our digital dictation software Lexacom 3.


Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference 2021


What is Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference?

The LMC GP Conference is an annual event. That brings GPs in the Lincolnshire area together. For a day of focussed training and development.

The 2021 conference is all about Managing the Unmanageable. Focusing on making the most of GP practices time. Be that through management disciplines such as planning and prioritising. Or making the best use of technology, such as Lexacom’s time-saving tech.


What is the LMC?

LMC stands for Lincolnshire Medical Committee. It is the statutory representative body for GPs and their practices across Lincolnshire.

Representing about 450 GPs. It exists to represent, advise, and support those GPs and their practices.

Lexacom has been supporting the work of the LMC. Through conferences such as the Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference 2021, for many years. Helping it in its aims. By working with GPs and their practices. To find ways to improve productivity and workload management.


When is Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference 2021?

Thursday, November 25 is the date of Lincolnshire LMC GP Conference 2021. Starting at 9.30am and finishing at 5.15pm.

Registration and a welcome breakfast start at 8.30am

Our Head of Primary Care, Simon Brady, will be on-site all day. He’ll be answering questions and queries about our leading-edge professional-grade speech recognition and digital dictation products, Lexacom Echo and Lexacom 3. While also offering demos of these time-saving capabilities.


What is the agenda for the Conference?

The agenda for the conference is comprehensive. Covering topics such as “Positive Leadership: a strengths-based approach to managing the unmanageable” and “Just say No!”

The topics are being delivered by both Doctors. Who are sharing their own insights and learnings, and professional healthcare service providers.


LMC GP Conference 2021 Agenda


What is Lexacom doing at the LMC GP Conference?

Lexacom is trusted by GPs across the UK to help them make the most of that scarcest of resources – Their Time.

Our professional-grade Digital Dictation platform, Lexacom 3, is the market leader in GP practices.

It is now joined by our complementary Speech Recognition platform, Lexacom Echo.

Echo is a cloud-based speech recognition platform that enables GPs to enter information directly into their clinical system, simply by speaking. No keyboard, no typing, no delay.

When combined with Lexacom 3, for dictating letters, reports, and notes, Lexacom Echo, delivers even more time savings.

Echo, like Lexacom 3, is fully compatible with all Clinical Systems and works out of the box with Windows 10

Simon Brady, our Head of Primary care, will be at the LMC GP Conference to showcase these technologies. To both existing and new customers attending the conference.

If you are attending the conference and want to either follow up or book some time with Simon. Please complete this contact form and we’ll get back to you. Or, please call us on 01295 236910

The Bentley Hotel, 

Newark Rd,

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