Digital dictation delivers benefits to Coalway Surgery in Wolverhampton

“I love it” – that’s the verdict from practice secretary, Margaret Baker, after her surgery was one of the first to benefit from Lexacom Digital Dictation, in a deal to deliver the software to Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust’s entire GP network. Lexacom is being installed in 39 GP practices in the area, serving over 238,000 patients between them.

Lexacom’s digital dictation software enables immediate and accurate dictation and transcription, improving practice efficiency and patient care. The software allows doctors to record and mark the urgency of dictations easily, while secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine.

Margaret Baker, from Coalway Road Surgery in Wolverhampton, admitted she wasn’t keen on the idea of switching to digital.  “I’m always a bit nervous about change and I was used to my old fashioned tape machine – I wasn’t sure I would get on with the new technology”. Margaret was quick to change her mind, however, and now wouldn’t be without Lexacom Digital Dictation.

“Lexacom is fantastic. It is lovely to type with. I can get everything done much more quickly. The sound quality is crystal clear so I don’t have to keep replaying the message or checking details with the doctors. Anything urgent gets flagged immediately and I can keep track of where I’m at with every dictation,” she said.

Lexacom Digital Dictation is a big hit with the doctors, too.  “All of the doctors are using Lexacom daily. I’ve loaded all the specialist departments on to the system for them so they can quickly select where the letter needs to go. The dictation can be recorded immediately and urgent referrals can be sent out the same day”, Margaret added.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, said “We are delighted to be working with Wolverhampton PCT and it’s great to hear that Margaret and her colleagues are already getting so much benefit from our digital dictation software. As a GP myself, I understand how important it is to be able to record accurate patient data and get it processed quickly and efficiently. I’m delighted we are able to help even more practices achieve an improvement in patient service.”

Lexacom’s latest software, Lexacom 3, has been designed to make doctors’ lives even easier by offering improved integration with clinical systems, reporting functions which enable referrals to be tracked and audited, and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere – even while on home visits.

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