Digital Dictation App: Lexacom Case Study

Long haul flights don’t have to be a barrier to getting things done – that’s the message from leading digital dictation provider, Lexacom, following completion of a successful trial of their new dictation app at 32,000ft!

Lexacom’s ambition to enable clients to dictate whenever, wherever, look set to be fully realised with the formal launch of their mobile apps within the next month.  The apps will be the first and only dictation apps to offer fully encrypted, secure data transfer from device to secretary, including a document review, amendments and approval process.

As part of the testing programme, Lexacom CEO, Dr Andrew Whiteley, dictated an urgent letter while en route to Sydney using the Emirates Airbus A380’s wi-fi service.  The document was sent securely to a colleague in Dubai for typing, before being returned, mid-flight, to Dr Whiteley for checking and approval, within minutes.

Andrew Whiteley explained the importance of the testing:

“Many of our clients are doctors, lawyers and accountants which means data security is paramount.  We have invested heavily in the Lexacom Cloud to ensure we not only offer a truly mobile service, but one that does not require the use of email or other insecure communication routes.  The quality of the technology we use means that, for the first time, you can dictate securely wherever you have a wi-fi or mobile reception – including at 32,000ft*, which is real bonus for business travellers.”

Lexacom’s mobile apps have been developed to work with the latest version of its software, Lexacom 3, which also offers integration with existing client systems and tailored reporting functions, enabling managers to monitor issues such as document turnaround times and workload.

Final testing of both the iPhone and Blackberry apps is almost complete and both are expected to be launched within the next four weeks. To register for an alert when the apps are available, visit

*The Lexacom Apps should only be used on board an aircraft when wi-fi is available and it is safe to do so.