Davyhulme Medical Centre welcomes workload transparency

“ Lexacom’s software has given us the transparency that is so vital in a busy medical centre. ”

The practice manager at Davyhulme Medical Centre in Manchester says Lexacom’s digital dictation software has given the site’s workflow management system a brand-new and invaluable level of transparency.

Davyhulme is a busy medical centre. It provides care for 12,000 patients, employs 42 staff and typically handles around 100 patient letters each day.

Staff had previously used an analogue dictation system to handle their transcriptions and referrals but the outdated technology presented too many problems and was therefore deemed restrictive and unreliable.

After recognising the benefits of a digital dictation platform and enjoying a 30-day free trial with Lexacom’s market-leading software, Davyhulme had no hesitation in switching to Lexacom full time. Eight doctors, one manager and two typists have now been enjoying the benefits of Lexacom’s innovative software for close to 12 months.

Practice manager Keith Fraser said: “Lexacom’s software has given us the transparency that is so vital in a busy medical centre. We can trace letters, prioritise work and measure workload in the knowledge that an audit trail is in place to support us. When you’re working with a large workload it’s crucial that you are able to effectively handle all of the paperwork in a safe and efficient way.

“Under the analogue dictation system, our typists didn’t know how many letters were pending and which were the most important. We were always living with the issue of not being able to trace transcriptions effectively – it was unsafe and out dated technology.

“But thanks to Lexacom’s software we know exactly what we have to deal with because the information is always at our fingertips and is easy to access and handle.”