Cloud technology and speech recognition set to revolutionise working practice for busy clinicians at Norwich CCG and support Primary Care Networks.

OneNorwich, working in partnership with Lexacom, the UK’s leading provider of digital dictation for primary care, has embarked upon an ambitious project to improve document production and working practice within its region.

In support of the newly formed Primary Care Networks, the project will use both speech recognition and cloud based digital dictation workflow technology to streamline document creation and clinical data entry across the organisation. The 22 practices within the networks will use Lexacom Connect, Lexacom’s secure cloud based platform, to allow their doctors and medical professionals to dictate and access clinical correspondence more efficiently across their many sites and devices.  The use of secure cloud technology also ensures  security and  safety of all content. Not only will doctors see significant improvements on their time but patients will also benefit from much quicker referral and follow up times, whilst the Primary Networks are able to begin leveraging some of the benefits of their new ways of working.

We spoke to our Lexacom digital dictation specialist, Ben Richards, who will be responsible for the project rollout. He told us; “When we first met with the CCG we found the practices were all using different types of digital dictation platforms and working in isolation. The CCG have since grouped their 22 practices into 4 localised groups, and by using Lexacom 3, speech recognition and Lexacom Connect, this will allow them to consolidate and share data across each group.” He continued;

All doctors will soon be able to dictate from all practices within their assigned group, or from their smartphone using Lexacom Mobile. All secretaries within their group will also be able to access  dictations from each practice too. This is a significant first step forward in the practices working more collaboratively and efficiently. I am so proud to be a part of this project and look forward to working closely with Norfolk and Norwich CCG.

Lexacom Connect is the only 100% cloud-based digital dictation platform with full integration with the SystmOne clinical system used by the NHS. The implementation of Speech recognition technologies which integrate seamlessly with TPP’s SystmOne clinical system will ensure that patients will see considerable improvements in the time taken for their referrals and for other important documents to be created and processed. This solution will allow 171 general practitioners within the CCG to dictate clinical notes directly into SystmOne.

“Here at TPP we are thrilled to hear how Norwich CCGs are finding more efficient ways of working together, we are delighted to be working in partnership with Lexacom on our clinical integrations with SystmOne. This is a fantastic example of system interoperability and we hope to hear of more practices utilising this way of working.”


Matthew Stickland at TPP

The project roll-out is now well underway, with the project delivery teams from both OneNorwich and Lexacom working closely to ensure full training with installation at each practice. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Norfolk and Norwich CCG to help innovate and improve the future performance of their members.

For more information on TPP’s SystmOne clinical system please visit and for details on how Lexacom can help you achieve multi-site working and boost efficiency within your network please do contact the team to arrange a demonstration.