Audit results reveal Lexacom’s digital dictation software benefits

A Lexacom audit that has pitched the performance of its digital dictation software directly against a traditional tape-based dictation system has revealed some startling improvements in efficiency and document turnaround times.

Lexacom recently teamed up with the Appletree Medical Practice in Belper, Derbyshire to complete the audit. The time taken to perform certain operational tasks using both dictation platforms was recorded during the course of a month and the figures were then collated and used to draw an accurate conclusion about the efficiency of both dictation platforms in a busy working environment.

The Results of the Audit

The audit revealed that the average time taken to process urgent patient information within the month took 31 hours, 42 minutes with the tape-based dictation system, but Lexacom’s digital dictation software dramatically reduced this average turnaround time to 1 hour, 7 minutes.

When analysing the time taken to process routine patient information, the tape-based dictation system took an average of 98 hours, 17 minutes, compared to an impressive average turnaround time of only 26 hours, 48 minutes using Lexacom software.

These results clearly show that using Lexacom software over a tape-based dictation system dramatically improves general efficiency, document turnaround times and encourages immediacy.

Lexacom Managing Director, Dr Andrew Whiteley, said:

“We believe this is the first time such a detailed audit has been carried out between two types of dictation systems and the results clearly illustrate what can be achieved when dictation technology is upgraded.

“The audit proves that a tape-based system is very one dimensional and lacking in any kind of flexibility, but our digital dictation software brings a new level of immediacy to the organisation, brings greater visibility to the workload, allows people to prioritise jobs and generally helps to improve efficiency and turnaround times.

“There is still a massive number of organisations in the UK that are battling against the limitations of a tape-based dictation platform and that will definitely be having a detrimental effect on their operational efficiency.”

Lianne Burke is the IT/Data Manager at Appletree Medical Practice and she agreed that switching to Lexacom has brought a significant improvement in efficiency and staff morale.

She said:

“I think if I was to tell the staff that we are going to take Lexacom away, they would all hand their notices in the following day. That’s how much of an impact Lexacom’s software has had on their jobs.

“The staff are so much happier because they know they have better control over what’s going on and they are safe in the knowledge that they can turn the urgent information around much faster because they’re not having to spend a long time searching for dictations.”

To read the full case study about the audit at Appletree Medical Centre, click here.