How to use Echo with SystmOne

Lexacom Echo supports a range of commands for utility and to help increase productivity.

  • To activate a command, Echo must interpret your dictation as a self-contained phrase, not as part of a sentence. Pause before giving a command, and before you resume dictating or give another command.
  • Commands are best used as their own dictation – release the record button and press it again to use a command.
  • Commands emulate either a single keystroke (e.g. pressing a function key), or a combination of key presses (e.g. pressing Ctrl + Z to undo).

Please see How To Use Echo Voice Commands for full information and how to access the list of general built-in voice commands.


These commands function in the SystmOne clinical system. These commands will not work in other applications unless also shown as a command for that application. Some commands are context-dependent (e.g. Ctrl + F is used to show Favourite screen or search text, depending on the current window).

Saying the commands in the left column will perform the action in the centre column. Alternatively, a keyboard shortcut is in the column on the right.

How to add custom Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Many common actions in SystmOne already have voice commands build into Echo. You can also create your own. Please see How to Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut Command

General navigation commands

Finding and selecting a patient


Inserting codes in a consultation

To insert a code, simply say the name e.g. ‘Hypertension’. Use your mouse or voice to select.

Blood pressures can be quickly coded. Say “blood pressure [number] over [number]”, release the record button to insert the text and then say “enter” to confirm the code.

Actions in a patient’s record

Viewing appointments, visits and tasks

Search again

Service status

No known issues

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