Lexacom Customers

Microsoft Azure technology is used to host our cloud based solution Lexacom Connect, in order to successfully connect to your cloud database your site will need to access the IP Gateways used by Microsoft.

Your IT team have a firewall system in place to protect your site, which controls connections going in and out, therefore the Microsoft Gateway IPs will need to be approved on the firewall.

It is important to share these details with your IT Team so that your infrastructure can be updated with the requirements. Failure to maintain these IP ranges could prevent access to your Lexacom system if you are a Connect user.

IT Providers

Lexacom require only outbound rules to be set and do not make inbound requests. 

Microsoft Azure Gateway IP addresses can be found using the below link, please refer to the UK South and Europe North ranges. We would recommend that ranges from both regions are permitted to accommodate new and legacy arrangements.

These ranges are subject to change by Microsoft, we will notify users of any upcoming changes using the Lexacom log-in screen but would also recommend that they are monitored regularly.

For further information on Lexacom firewalls requirements, gateway IP ranges, and ports please contact the Lexacom Helpdesk and request a copy of our Deployment and Planning guide.

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