How to Sort or Filter Dictations

The dictation grids within Lexacom – including Type Users’ Dictation list and all Tracking grids – may be sorted, grouped and arranged to aid your workflow. 


You can change the order of dictations in the grid by –

  • Right clicking on the column header and select Ascending or Descending 
  • Clicking on the column header to toggle between Ascending or Descending

This can be repeated on multiple columns.

To clear sorting:
  • Right-click on the column that the grid is sorted by
  • Click Clear Sorting



The Dictation Grid can be filtered by selecting the Filter icon in the right-hand corner of a column header 

      • Select the Filter Icon


      • Tick the item you are searching for or search text
      • All dictations meeting these criteria will now be displayed in the Tracking Grid


To clear this filter

      • Right click on the column you are searching
      • Select Clear Filter

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