In order to help improve Echo’s vocabulary, you can provide feedback on any words or phrases which you feel need to be added.

This can be especially useful if you have any localised words, phrases, organisations, or acronyms which may not yet be part of Echo’s extensive vocabulary.

The Feedback feature allows you to submit as many of these as you wish, along with an audio recording to help the pronunciation.

Note: all these submissions are reviewed manually and, if accepted, will be considered for inclusion in the next vocabulary update. These updates are released at regular intervals.


  1. Click the cog on the top left of Echo and select Feedback from the menu.
  1. The Feedback window will then open. Complete the fields with the following information:

Select a language model: use the dropdown to choose Medical or Legal

What the speaker said: the word/phrase/acronym you actually said

What the system wrote: what Echo wrote when it attempted to transcribe this. You can copy and paste into this box if you wish

What was expected: how this should have been transcribed on the page. Be sure to include any capitalisation etc so this can be entered correctly into the system

  1. Click the red record button and say the word or phrase. Click the button again to stop recording. This is to provide us with a sample of the correct pronunciation. You can click the play button to listen back to what you said. If you wish to re-record the snippet, simply press the record button again.


  1. When all the information has been entered and you have recorded your audio snippet, click Send.

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