How To Increase the Recording Volume

A list of Lexacom Compatible Hardware can be found here

When Lexacom Talk is used to record dictations, the default device that is used and the volume level at which the software records are set within Windows. This setting is often Windows user and PC specific and may need to be adjusted to ensure the recordings are clear.

  • Right-click on the Volume icon in the system tray (bottom-right hand corner of the Taskbar, next to the clock) and select ‘Recording Devices’
  • Go to Control Panel > Sound, and then to the ‘Recording’ tab
  • Ensure that the Default Device here is set correctly
    E.g. SpeechMike III if using a Phillips SpeechMike or Microphone Control (RM) if using an Olympus Mic
  • Select the device and click ‘Set Default’ if necessary
  • Select the Default Device and click ‘Properties’
  • Browse to the ‘Levels’ tab
  • Ensure the volume slider is set accordingly
  • Close the windows by clicking ‘Apply’
  • Close and reopen Lexacom and make a test recording to ensure the levels are now correct
  • Repeat the above steps to adjust as necessary

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