How To Configure EMIS Web Integration

Lexacom 3 integrates with the EMIS Web clinical system, allowing Talk users to import the details of their current patient into the Lexacom reference field. To enable integration, settings need to be changed in EMIS Web and Lexacom

  • Log on to EMIS Web as a user with Administrator privileges.
  • Click on the EMIS logo > select System Tools > then EMAS Manager > Partner API
  • This will open the following screen.
  • From the list of Partner APIs select ‘Lexacom‘ which will have a red cross by it by default.
  • Click ‘Activate Application‘ and the red cross should turn into a green tick.

This has activated Lexacom; you now need to assign permission to the users.

  • Click ‘Edit Users‘ button and ensure that all users who need to have access to Lexacom are selected.
  • Once you have selected a user, click on the “Change Password” link and assign the user an API password.
    NB. There will be no need for the EMIS user to remember it. The password must contain one capital and one number.
  • Click ‘Login Access‘ button and a window will open showing all the EMIS users on the system.
    NB: This list may be very long. It might be useful to sort the users by name by clicking on the column title.
  • Tick the ‘Login’ and ‘Auto Login’ boxes for all users who require Lexacom integration
    When all users have been granted access, save the settings by closing this window.
In Lexacom
  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to   > Setting > Clinical System >  Add or Edit
  • Click into a new row:
    Name = The name of your EMIS System
    Type = EMIS Web
  • Click ‘…’  under ‘Settings’ and enter the following in to Clinical System Settings
    IP Address
    Most UK Areas =
    Wales =
    Customer Number = your EMIS customer number
  • Click on ‘Read Organisation Information’.
    This needs to be done once only, but should be repeated if new users are added to EMIS.
  • EMIS Web will request an authorised EMIS user logs on to activate the link.
    After the user has logged on successfully, it may take several seconds to read the data.
  • Click ‘Close’ in Clinical System Settings and ‘Save’ to the Clinical System Configuration Form.
  • Lexacom 3 is now linked to EMIS Web.

To make the integration available to all users

  • Go to > Settings > Clinical System > Manage Users
  • Select the name of the EMIS Web clinical system at the top of the window.
  • Tick the ‘Enabled’ checkbox for all users – both Talk and Type – who require access
  • The first time each user attempts to use the EMIS Web integration, they will be asked to log on to ‘activate’ their account.  This only needs to be done once.


To configure individual user settings in Lexacom Admin
  • Go to > Settings > Users Editor
For Lexacom Talk Users:
  • Click on the Talk tab
  • Select the user profile
  • Click Edit
  • Tick Retrieve Subject on Record
  • Click Save
For Lexacom Type Users
  • Click on the Type tab
  • Select the user profile
  • Click Edit
  • Tick Select Subject on Loading
  • Click Save

These options can also be set from the users’ Settings when they are logged into Lexacom.

There may be a short delay when retrieving the data from EMIS Web due to the remote hosting of the data.  This will not interfere with the recording of the dictation even if the display may appear to freeze momentarily.

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