How To Configure Docman Integration

Lexacom and above supports integration with Docman, allowing users to attach files from Docman to Lexacom dictations, and file documents on Dispatching a dictation.

To configure Docman integration:
  • Run Lexacom Admin
  • Go to  > Document Management > Docman Configuration
  • Tick the Enable Docman Integration checkbox
  • Enter the Docman Practice Code in the Site Code box
  • To find the Docman Practice Code, open Docman and go to Settings > Administer System > Site + Eng > Site Details
  • Tick the Use NHS Number as Patient ID checkbox if you wish to file documents to Docman using the NHS number; if unchecked, dictations will be filed using the patient’s clinical system ID
  • Enter the top-level Docman folder in the Folder Name field – this is case sensitive
  • Enter the section under which the document will be filed in the Filing Section field – in most cases this will be Patients
  • Click Save & Close


Configure File Document on Dispatch

All users that need to file documents into Docman must have the File Document on Dispatch setting active; to set this:

  • Run Lexacom Admin
    • Go to > Settings > Users Editor
    • Select the type of user – Talk or Type
    • Click Edit
    • Tick the checkbox for File Document on Dispatch
    • Click Save
  • Repeat for all users that require the Docman integration

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