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Smithy Surgery, Hyde

“Lexacom is a brilliant system – it’s improved everything so much!”

Kathryn Ackroyd, Medical Secretary

Patients at The Smithy Surgery in Hyde are now benefitting from a more efficient service after doctors and staff at the surgery switched from cumbersome tapes to Lexacom digital dictation.

Medical secretary, Kathryn Ackroyd, is delighted with new system: “Using tapes was a nightmare.  They got worn out, you didn’t know where to find individual dictations and the sound quality was poor.”

Kathryn is now 100% up to date on referral letters, can action urgent letters immediately and can easily locate old dictations if anything needs checking.  Urgent referrals can now be typed up in minutes and be out the door the same day.

Kathryn is making the most of her extra time by tackling other tasks that she previously didn’t find time for:

“Now that I can type up dictations so quickly, I’m able to add extra value to the doctors and patients by chasing up referrals, ensuring all documentation is up to date and keeping on top of filing.”

“Lexacom is good for the doctors too.  I can e-mail them to bring to their attention that a referral is due for the Choose & Book system and they can dictate and send it to me quickly whereas before they would have to come and get a tape or dictate to me over the telephone, which was not good for my neck!”  Kathryn Ackroyd.

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