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Rushall Medical Centre

“As a result [of using Lexacom], the practice receives far less enquiries from patients chasing letters, freeing up time to spend on other work.”

Deborah Bradley, Practice Manager

Rushall Medical Centre in Walsall has improved efficiency and cut referral-processing times since switching to Lexacom Digital Dictation. The medical centre is one of a number of GP practices in Walsall which have recently switched to Lexacom.

Practice Manager, Deborah Bradley, was keen to pilot the software and has seen significant improvements within weeks of using Lexacom.

“We love Lexacom. It has enabled our GPs and secretaries to manage their workload more effectively and has allowed us to operate more flexibly as a practice,” Deborah said. “Lexacom integrates with EMIS Web which cuts down the amount of work our doctors have to do and ensures patient data is inputted accurately within every dictation.”

Both GPs and Locums at the practice are regularly using the Lexacom iPhone App to securely record and send dictations directly from a patient’s house or when working from home. The dictations are encrypted and sent via the secure Lexacom Cloud server and typed at the practice in the normal way.

“The iPhone app has been particularly useful for our partners who sometimes prefer to catch up on additional paperwork at home after a busy surgery. Our locums use Lexacom Mobile across all the surgeries they work for by just picking up the correct surgery to dictate to.” Deborah added.

Lexacom Digital Dictation is also helping the practice meet its Choose and Book targets such as 24-hour referral letters for urgent cases. “Using Lexacom has enabled us to review and improve how we handle Choose and Book referrals so we can easily flag and action urgent letters to ensure we meet C&B targets on time.” As a result, the practice receives far less enquiries from patients chasing letters, freeing up time to spend on other work.

One of the other key benefits for Rushall Medical Centre is the ability to send dictations from their branch surgery for typing at the main site.:

“We no longer need dedicated typing support at our branch surgery as all the typing can be handled quickly and easily from our main site. What’s more, I can monitor and manage workload across the team to ensure we make best use of everyone’s time and deliver the best possible service to our patients.” Deborah concluded.

Rushall Medical Centre is using Olympus Hardware which works seamlessly with Lexacom Digital Dictation.

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