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Holywell Medical Group

“Lexacom is absolutely fabulous for us.” Jane Hoole, Practice Secretary

Holywell Medical Group in Derbyshire is now able to process dictations more quickly and share data across its sites easily and securely, thanks to Lexacom Digital Dictation. Having recently upgraded to Lexacom 3, the practice is now able to work much more effectively and is enjoying the flexibility offered by the new software.

Holywell Medical Group first started using Lexacom about four years ago, having experienced problems with tape-based dictation.

Jane Hoole, Practice Secretary, said “we were merging with other practices at the time and we needed a system which could be used by different secretaries that would help us keep on top of urgent and two-week-wait dictations”.

The medical group now serves nearly 30,000 patients, so operating efficiently is more important than ever.

“Lexacom is absolutely fabulous for us”, Jane continued. “Patients have definitely benefited from our use of Lexacom as we are able to keep on top of urgent referrals and process high volumes dictations quickly and accurately. Urgent and two-week-wait letters immediately jump to the top of the queue so we can easily prioritise our work.”

Lexacom 3 has also made it easier to manage holidays and sickness:

“If one of our secretaries is about to go on holiday or is unexpectedly off sick, any incomplete dictations can easily be picked up by someone else in the team to finish.” Jane said.

The doctors can also see who has typed which dictations and can choose to send a dictation to all secretaries or just to one secretary which is helpful when it relates to an ongoing case,” Jane added.

As part of its ongoing commitment to developing its software to meet individual client needs, Lexacom is working on introducing additional features requested by Holywell Medical Group. “The team at Lexacom are very friendly to deal with and that always helps!” Jane concluded.

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