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Unexpected boost from GP practice in Northumberland

Lexacom has received a fantastic endorsement from one of our new customers after they switched to our digital dictation software.

The Forum Family Practice in Cramlington, Northumberland has been so pleased with the performance of our digital dictation software that it has written to other GP practices in the Northumberland Care Trust to tell them about their positive experience.

Needless to say, we are really grateful to Forum Family Practice for this gesture and it’s great to see a customer feeling so strongly about the benefits that digital dictation brings to the practice.

In her letter, Practice Manager Brenda Hume wrote:

Dear all,

We at Forum Family Practice have just had a successful 30-day trial of the Lexacom digital dictation system.

Lexacom is a system to replace tape-based dictation and the associated limitations and frustrations such as poor quality recordings, lost tapes, difficult to prioritise etc.

It was designed by a GP and is really simple to use!

I have attached an introductory document with more details.  There are also a couple of videos on the www.lexacom.co.uk website that are worth watching.

Our doctors and secretarial staff all love Lexacom and never want to see another tape again. I would recommend you try it if you have not already got a digital system.

Kind regards,

Brenda Hume.